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Scaffolding alarms are becoming a necessity, not only do they protect the building from theft of expensive materials, but more importantly it’s a useful deterrent to warn off unwanted intrusions. This is because scaffolding provides an ideal route into your property that intruders can take advantage of.

In some instances, insurance companies are declaring insurance policies invalid while scaffolding is erected around a property that does not have an alarm fitted.

Here at B.A.T.M we believe that an incorrectly fitted alarm system is as bad as not having an alarm at all. Therefore, all our scaffold alarm equipment is of the highest standard, using only the latest outdoor Infrared Beam Sensors, it’s never been harder for an intruder to avoid detection!

All our security systems can be extended at any time, whether it’s an external keypad or additional sensors due to scaffold adaptions. 

Through our partnership with key suppliers B.A.T.M are also able to offer a full response service to our customers from S.I.A Licenced Security personnel 24/7, offering a total security package and ensuring that your project is protected.

For more information regarding any of our Scaffold Alarm Systems please contact us.